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The most powerful business management software requires the most professional team. We are your best partner on the road to digital transformation.



Cenoq is the official certified agent of Odoo. Odoo is the most advanced all-round business system, which can build e-commerce, customer relationship management, ERP and even POS systems for enterprises in a single framework.



Cenoq is an officially authorized distributor and technical expert of Atlassian, and uses Atlassian's system-wide solution to build a complete ALM, DevOps and support the framework of Agile development methods.



As an official support partner of the PostgreSQL community, Cenoq is also an agent of CrystalDB commercial solutions, and independently develops Entgres (PostgreSQL commercial version) to provide customers with comprehensive applications.



Based on Odoo and based on the experience of local users, We have developed the enhanced module BizNavi, which is in line with the usage scenarios of local enterprises. And it is an ERP software that can expand with the growth of the enterprise.


Why is digital transformation important?

Digital transformation is what propels businesses and industries forward. Organizations of all sizes—from startups to global enterprises—choose digital transformation not only to make scaled improvements, but also to drive significant change and fully embrace the digital age. It requires a strong commitment from both businesses and IT teams, as well as a willingness to support the resulting changes.

The elements to digital transformation incorporates:
  • Customer focus and data analysis to deliver greater value to customers.
  • Flexible technology to build, deploy, and manage applications more quickly in the cloud.
  • Experimentation to embrace new ideas and gain new insights on customer and market demands.
  • Agility to scale and accelerate without hesitation to succeed in the digital age.
  • Measurement of experimentation results with data analysis to guide decision-making.
  • Collaboration across organizational boundaries with tools for quick knowledge sharing.

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