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The application is fully integrated and easy to operate, the first choice of millions of users

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Unlimited bug fix support for the enterprise version of the Odoo system


Enjoy exclusive mods for Enterprise Edition


In the future, we can assist in upgrading the odoo version


Continuously updated Enterprise Edition features


RWD Mobile Apps for use anytime, on any device


User-friendly interface enhances usability and speeds up the process


A single set of software meets all your needs for running and managing your business.


There are corresponding applications for each operation need, which are compatible with each other and easy to use.


Slowly expand your Odoo system according to the company's growth needs.

Official Certification​

CENOQ has passed the official certification of Odoo and provides customers with the highest quality professional services. Let the implementing enterprises no longer waste time on self-exploration, and avoid customized development and maintenance costs to the greatest extent.

CENOQ assists enterprises to integrate internal processes, and provides one-stop solutions for best cases, to maximize the benefits of odoo. From application planning, custom development to system maintenance, the core goal of Xinnuo is to improve user experience.

Used by 50,000+ companies Odoo to drive the company's growth.

Let CENOQ Information help your company become a better place.