About Us 

Digital Transformation Specialist

In response to the development of the Internet age, "digital transformation" is not only critical to the company's competitiveness, but has even become a necessary condition for the sustainable operation of the enterprise. No matter large, medium, small, or micro enterprises are facing the challenges of digital transformation. challenge.

CENOQ was established in 2006. Software engineering technology is the core of our competitiveness. It can help you adopt the most reasonable transformation strategy and avoid unnecessary waste of valuable resources of the enterprise. It is the best partner for enterprises to embark on the road of digital transformation.​

The Best IT Service Partner for Great Enterprises

CENOQ has long-term cooperation with well-known companies in the industry including IBM, RedHat, Atlassian, Odoo, etc., to provide a full range of solutions for commercial products and related consulting services, including software development life cycle management, DevOps, ERP for various industries, POS and e-commerce systems, open source database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) solutions and developer (Java, .Net) on-site services, etc.

The goal of CENOQ is to assist our customers to complete the IT tasks of digital transformation in the most concise and effective way with the corporate tenet of innovation, professionalism and heart, and become the most reliable information service brand.

The Concepts of CENOQ

With the spirit of professionalism, sincerity, pragmatism and innovation, we cooperate with methodology and use the most practical tools to help customers improve the competitiveness of enterprises and create higher value in the most economical and efficient way, and then become a Customer trusted partner.

We look forward to becoming the best business partner of our customers, and jointly pushing our customers' business to another peak by providing high-quality services and tacit cooperation with each other.


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