We provide solutions and BizNavi ERP system for various companies and industries

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

The smart manufacturing solution developed on the basis of the BizNavi ERP system and integrated with automation equipment, combined with self-developed technologies such as IoT edge computing and time series database, completes the most important automatic information management system for smart factories and assists customers in establishing Brand new smart manufacturing factory.


Community Order. EC. Web solutions

From community orders, e-commerce to brand webpages, we provide solutions for different online sales needs, integrate purchase, sales and inventory modules, and adopt a staged module import method to expand with the business model, and no longer face the problem that the system cannot grow. 


Service Management Function

Modules such as project management, working hours management, technical support, and schedule planning can achieve division of labor and cooperation to discuss task details and share documents; master the schedule and improve project efficiency.


Productivity Functions

How to use limited resources and time, manage time well, and improve work productivity is the answer that every organization wants to know.


Financial Management Functions

Efficient voucher module, changing the information unequal between traditional accountants and sales procurement, combined with BizNavi's unique localized tax function, integrating other industry demand modules, starting from report data analysis, providing managers with the most timely and correct information financial information.


Purchasing Warehouse Management Functions

Software that assists enterprises in managing and mastering daily warehousing operations, from goods and materials entering the distribution or fulfillment center to goods being shipped; in addition, it can instantly query all inventories in the warehouse and in transit. In addition to inventory management, the system provides tools for pick and pack procedures, resource utilization, analytics, etc.