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Community Orders

Ugoja system

One-click launch of products

Edit product graphics and texts in the system, and upload them to facebook and LINE with one click.

Collect orders form multi-platform 

Orders from LINE & facebook.


Send notifications of arrival, payment, shipment, etc. by private message, and important messages will not be missed


Combining Invoicing System and Electronic Invoice

Manage multiple stores at the same time

You can use the same product database in multiple online stores. Different websites can share product information.

Set product style and attributes

Add and set different styles for products, such as color, size, etc., and set different prices for each style.

Support B2B E-shop & multiple website.

Set the online store to only open to specific users, and use the price list function to display different prices to different customer groups.

Website Builder

No designer required

Beautiful Theme

Business ready

Compatible with search engines and mobile devices

Help improve your website's ranking in search results with integrated SEO tools.

CMS writes web pages, ever-changing

Create a stunning professional website

Ugoja Commnity Order System is your best choice.

  • Orders are scattered on various social platforms, are you worried about how to quickly collect them?
  • Do you find it inconvenient and time-consuming to record order information in Excel?
  • Want to quickly add products to various social platforms with one click?

A cross-platform integrated order system provides customers with easy management of order information on various platforms, and provides customers with various functions. It is simple and uncomplicated, and it is super easy to use!


Grow with your company

Open framework for easy integration with other systems.

Progressive implement

Modularization features can be used to achieve progressive import.

Closer to your Business

It can be quickly customized and developed to meet customer needs.

Multiple construction methods

Public cloud, private cloud or self-hosted deployment