BizNavi -The most flexable ERP system.

BizNavi is an enhanced module developed by Cenoq based on odoo and user experience, which is in line with the usage scenarios of local enterprises. .

Why Digital Transformation Needs Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

  • Already have a website but want to add e-commerce, but can't find a suitable tool?

  • Enterprises need transformation and business models want to change?

  • The traditional stand-alone invoicing system is no longer suitable for use?

  • Manual sorting of sales transactions, checkout of paper subpoenas, and Excel sorting of reports?

  • Want to establish standard operating procedures?

  • Departmental information faults, repetitive things are done all the time, and the communication chain is long and time-consuming?

  • Is the project making money, what are the employees doing, and is it efficient??

  • I don’t know how long the customer is in arrears, and business and financial customers say different things?

BizNavi-Tax Moule

  • Uniform invoice track management​

  • Output voucher issuance

  • Input voucher issuance

  • Connect with Invoice & Bill 

  • VAT Declare

  • VAT Declare Management

  • VAT Declare Export

BizNavi-Taiwan HR Module

  • Comply with Taiwan labor health insurance calculation salary optimization​  

  • A new payroll interface that meets the needs 

  • Approval function for overtime pay application​

  • Automatic calculation of salary-linked overtime pay​

  • Salary income withholding records

  • Annual salary income withholding record declaration​  

BizNavi-Other Function

  • Comply with CDC food industry traceability data registration​  

  • Food source batch traceability management​

  • The food source data xml / Excel export for the CDC system ​

  • LINE Pay API 

  • ECpay API​ 

  • Other customized payment method API​  

  Standard Function ​

BizNavi 功能特色




Project/Timesheet/Service Desk/Field Services

Accounting/Invoicing/Taiwan Tax

Expand marketing promotion

Email Marketing/Marketing Automation/Surveys


  • Easier to implement - Deploy online and use immediately

  • Conveniency- Mobile

  • Safer - Google Cloud、AWS 

  • Price reasonable-By Users

  • Service Rapidly-Online Support

4 Steps to Implement

System Configuration

Data Import


Ready to Use