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We provides businesses with a range of consulting services to help them maximize the value of their investment in Atlassian tools. From performance tuning and expansion to integration with other systems and development process improvement, Simnuo helps organizations optimize the software lifecycle and achieve optimal productivity.  

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Tracking Management

JIRA Software It is an excellent agile development tool that helps you track down issues, integrate code, plan, develop, and deploy high-quality software.  

Collaborative work

Confluence can unite team members closely together, lead the team to work together to edit files online, build their own knowledge base, and make team members work more efficiently.

Service desk

JIRA Service Desk not only makes it easy and convenient for your customers to seek help, but also assists processing personnel to solve problems quickly.          

Bit control

Bitbucket( Stash)Help teams build and manage code repositories, and enable teams to collaborate on code through inline comments and change discussions.    

Continuous integration

amboo's agents running on various dedicated servers or cloud hosts realize real-time and dynamic expansion of compilation and deployment capabilities, and are the best auxiliary tool for continuous integration (CI).

Organize Project

Collaborate and get more done. Trello boards enable your team to organize projects in a fun, flexible, and intuitive way. 

Atlassian fully supports DevOps

DevOps is Dev and Ops composite service which
influence the application lifecycle from the planning, development, delivery and operational phases. Each stage depends on the other stages, and through this cycle process, the speed, stability, availability, and security of software delivery functions are improved.


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