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Professional Digital Transformation Service

CENOQ is a software consulting and development company. Long-term cooperation with well-known software providers to provide business solutions.

We always start from the customer's point of view, with complete information technology capabilities as the backing of customers, so that customers can focus on their own business without any worries..


Comprehensive Information Service


Software engineering and business management experts with more than 15 years of experience help companies improve business processes efficiently.


we can help you tailor customized needs that are closer to your business process


Our professional technical team provides telephone, remote, on-site and other service support to ensure the operation of your system.


Training courses cover the basic usage, management functions, system configuration, and platform operation and maintenance of ordinary users to improve the usability of the software.

3 stages of Digital Transformation


Simplifying and digitizing existing processes and functions.


Complex cross-value-chain change effort.

Digital Transformation

Increasing the size of the existing pie or creating new revenue lines.

Smart manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0​, Let CENOQ assist

Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is facing many challenges today, such as customers are increasingly demanding customization, which leads to smaller production batches, frequent changes and more waste. In addition, supply lines are being reduced and outsourcing is increasing. To be competitive, manufacturers need to increase the productivity of their expensive equipment, reduce waste, increase output, and shorten cycle times.

New capabilities for processing sensor data, along with factors such as big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud and cutting-edge technology, are driving a shift from a reactive problem-solving model to a more proactive model of equipment, process, product and factory management .

Smart Manufacturing – Integration of Five Dimensions

  1. Shop floor to Top floor
  2. M2M-self-adjusting device
  3. E-commerce integration – changeable products from e-commerce to production system
  4. Production Collaboration-Visualization/Traceability/Quality Control/Electronic Kanban/Automatic Feeding
  5. Equipment Cloud - Preventive Maintenance & Quality Control


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