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CENOQ is the most important PostgreSQL official technical support partner in Asia and a complete database solution provider for releasing its commercial version.

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PostgreSQL Feature

  • Fully compliant with the latest SQL standards, currently SQL: 2019

  • Master-slave architecture with full driver and client support

  • High concurrency design so that reading and writing will not be blocked

  • High elasticity and scalability suitable for various types of applications

  • Rich tuning functions make it have excellent scalability and performance

  • Precise query optimizer for business intelligence applications

  • Full support for developing database programs in Java, Python, Perl, PHP and many other languages

  • Extended functionality can be used to achieve high reliability durability and high availability

  • Can handle advanced data types such as Geographic Information System (GIS), Full Text Search, JSON, etc...

  • Internationalization features, multi-character encoding and combination

CENOQ is the official technical support partner of PostgreSQL. It is also the service provider that supports PostgreSQL for the longest time and has the most complete team in Greater China. In addition to the community version, it also has many commercial versions. Our expert team can support and provide Enterprise advice and plan the most suitable solution. The commercial versions most commonly used by enterprises are as follows:


Completely built-in PostgreSQL extension functions, and strengthen the security and audit functions by the core, provide a convenient web management interface, especially suitable for enterprises with high information security requirements


Provide a complete PostgreSQL supporting solution, including monitoring tool CSI, backup function CBM, multi-party replication solution CRS, migration support CMT, etc., providing the most comprehensive PostgreSQL application for enterprises.


Especially designed for Oracle users, it has high compatibility with Oracle syntax, and is especially suitable for database managers who use Oracle deeply to transfer to PostgreSQL with the lowest learning cost.


Best Database Choice

PostgreSQL is an advanced database with a long history of development. It is available on a variety of platforms and can be used from the smallest embedded system to multi-terabyte systems. PostgreSQL has earned a solid reputation for its innovative functionality, integrity, security, and reliability.

In most cases, data preservation is extremely important, especially in systems running critical services. We provide complete commercial support services to provide you with service quality worthy of enterprise trust.

Price List 

Starter package

 NT$ 25,000
core/ year (at least 2 core)

  • Email Service (1次/月/核心)
  • Phone Service (2次/月/核心)
  • No online service
  • No service points
  • Number of customers (1 person)

Standard package

NT$ 25,000

core/ year (at least 2 core)
  • Email Consult (Consume service points)
  • Phone Service (Consume service points)
  • Online service (Consume service points)
  • Service  point(12/year/core)
  • Number of customers (1 person)

Enterprise package

NT$ 80,000

core/ year (at least 4 core)

  • Email Consult (Consume service points)
  • Phone Service (Consume service points)
  • Online service (Consume service points)
  • Service point(12/year/core)
  • Number of customers (3 person)

  • The content of the above support plan does not include the subscription or license fee of the commercial version

  • Basic email and basic phone service does not include system troubleshooting and performance adjustment

  • On-site service, transportation, board and lodging costs are extra, and the minimum use time is 4 hours each time (4 points)

  • If the remote and on-site services are not used up during the service purchase period, they cannot be used. If there is a renewal purchase, it can be extended for 60 days.

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